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Spider Exterminators – Control & Removal

Local Spider Pest Control

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There are a variety of spiders found across San Angelo, and though some may look unpleasant only a few of them are actually venomous. The rest are harmless - in fact, they can actually play a major role in insect control in and around our properties. But you likely don’t want an infestation of spiders in your home or business, even if they’re doing you a small favor. If spiders have made their way inside, Bug Express is here to help.

The experts at Bug Express know that spiders can be a nuisance. That’s why we work to keep them out of your property all year round.

Do I Need Spider Control in San Angelo?

Spiders are found in nearly every climate, but they primarily prefer warmer weather. Since the climate in San Angelo averages in the high 70°s, spiders are able to thrive all year long. Many of them have also adapted to harsh climates with little water, so they have no trouble making a home in an arid space known for droughts. Some of them can live off of very little water – or off no water at all, instead getting all their hydration from their food sources. 

Spiders have made a home out of San Angelo, but they don’t need to do the same to your household or business. Bug Express can help!

Spider Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Spider Removal Process

Finding a few spiders around the house or in your garden is a normal occurrence, but encountering more than a few can be a real nuisance. No matter the season, our team at Bug Express can eradicate any infestation and keep you pest-free* for the long term. 

We work in spider extermination by following the steps below: 

  1. First, we send a technician to inspect your property and identify the source and species of infestation. 
  2. Then we apply spider control products to treat any active infestations.
  3. We will then implement exclusion efforts to block access for spiders to get into your property. 
  4. Once this is done, your technician will provide ongoing control and prevention tips to prevent future infestations.

Spider Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Commercial Spider Exterminators

Spiders are very rarely fun in the home, but they’re even worse when they infest your place of business. Even if the spiders infesting your commercial property aren’t venomous, seeing them and their webs can distress your staff and give customers a bad impression of your business. So stop the problem before it gets to that point with the help of Bug Express.

For long-lasting spider control in your San Angelo business, our expert technicians will work with you to keep them away for good.

Bug Express Reviews

“Been using these company for several years. They do a great job, come every quarter to spray my place. I don’t see as many scorpions and spiders. Their professional and friendly. Highly recommended.”

-Evangeline R.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Bug Express, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

Spider Exterminators – Control – Removal in San Angelo, TX

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