Brown Widow Spider


Actual Size: ¼ to 1”

Characteristics: Black or dark brown; yellow or orangish hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen.

Legs: 8

Habitat: Builds webs in secluded, protected sites such as empty containers, buckets, entryway corners, storage closets, and garages.


  • Young or male brown widow spiders do not bite.
  • Timid species that generally avoids humans.
  • Has an hourglass on its underside like the black widow, but is yellow to orange in color.

Brown Widow Spiders in San Angelo

Brown widow spiders, often referred to as cobweb spiders due to their intricate webs, are frequently found in San Angelo. The brown widow first arrived in the U.S. in San Angelo and gradually expanded its distribution during the 1990s. While resembling the black widow, the brown widow distinguishes itself with a yellowish-orange or reddish-orange hourglass on its abdomen, a departure from the bright red hourglass of the black widow. Notably, male brown widows do not possess a harmful bite. Conversely, the female brown widow is venomous, delivering a neurotoxic venom through its bite when hunting its prey.

Brown Widow Spider Habitat

Brown widow spiders build their webs in hidden and safe spots close to homes, often among trees and branches. They like places like empty containers, mailboxes, corners of doorways, under roofs, and even outdoor furniture. These spots are more open compared to where black widows make their homes, which might mean more chances of bumping into them and getting bitten.

Brown Widow Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

The bite of a brown widow spider is not as serious as that of a black widow, and it doesn’t lead to the same kind of symptoms. Even though brown widow spider venom is stronger than black widow venom, the brown widow likely doesn’t inject as much of the nerve poison. These spiders are shy and stay away from people. The male and young brown widows don’t even bite. Usually, brown widow spider bites aren’t too dangerous, but if someone feels a lot of pain and swelling, they should see a doctor, especially if they’re sensitive.

If you are dealing with a brown widow spider problem in your home, contact your local spider exterminators for help.