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The term pantry pests is used to describe any insect known for infesting the grains and personal food storage in your cabinets. This isn’t the kind of pest infestation that you attract due to the state of your home, as the problem almost always starts by bringing in infested food items from the grocery store. Because of that, you can’t treat pantry pests like you would other bugs. Nevertheless, the team at Bug Express has some tips to clean and prevent pantry pests from taking over your cabinets.

Pantry Pest Control Solutions

If you have discovered a pantry pest infestation in your cupboard, you’re likely looking for the quickest pantry pest extermination options. Getting rid of them on your own can be difficult, which is where our pantry pest control experts come in. Pantry pest beetles won’t bite or harm you, but they are nonetheless one of the most frustrating pest problems to deal with. Let the team at Bug Express keep them out of your home for good.

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Pantry Moth Extermination Tips

Whether you’re in the middle of cooking or just cleaning your cabinets, the sight of pantry pests wriggling in your grains is always unpleasant. Luckily, we have five easy tips you can take to prevent a pantry pest infestation: 

  1. Secure dry goods in airtight containers that pests cannot access. 
  2. Store seasonal items in sealed containers when not in use. 
  3. Use bay leaves in canisters of dry goods, which could help repel pests. 
  4. Inspect your groceries for signs of damage or use before you buy them.
  5. Check the date of any ingredients more than a year old before you use them, making sure to toss any expired items.

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Getting Rid of Pantry Moths

What should you do if you find pantry moths in your cupboard? It may come as a small relief to learn that you don’t actually have to call for a professional exterminator. Instead, you can remove and securely dispose of all infested items. Clean your pantry, and then put back anything that hasn’t been contaminated. From that point on you have a fresh start in preventing pantry pests and keeping your kitchen ready for cooking! At times, it can be difficult to find, capture and remove all the adults and larvae to fully eliminate a panty moth infestation on your own. This is where Bug Express can help! We know where these pests hide and have the equipment to lure them out.

If you have tried DIY solutions with less-than-perfect results, it’s time to let the professionals at Bug Express help!

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“Been using these company for several years. They do a great job, come every quarter to spray my place. I don’t see as many scorpions and spiders. Their professional and friendly. Highly recommended.”

-Evangeline R.

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At Bug Express, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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