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Bird Control – Removal

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Birds can be delightful creatures to observe, but when they nest and leave droppings on your property, it creates a serious health hazard. The germs and bacteria in their droppings can cause 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses in humans. If you do have a nuisance bird on your property, it’s important to remember that many birds are protected species in the San Angelo area, which means that implementing your own bird control can have serious legal consequences.

Trust our team of bird removal experts to safely and effectively manage any bird problems you may encounter on your property. For 20 years, Bug Express has been your local expert in bird exclusion and control.

Bird Pest Control Solutions

When birds start nesting on or near your property, it can become a real headache. From the noise they create and the damage they cause to the germs they can spread, no one wants to deal with a bird infestation. But in San Angelo, regulations are in place for bird control, which means you have to leave it to the professionals. Our team of bird removal experts uses proven exclusion tactics to keep birds at bay and ensure your property remains peaceful all year round.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

Our Bird Control Services

Birds have every right to make their nests in trees and unoccupied structures. It’s when they cross over into a dryer vent or other areas of your home that problems arise. How do you know when you have a bird problem that needs to be taken care of? Basically, if birds are nesting on your roof or if they have gotten inside, it’s time to invest in professional bird control.

We will take the following measures to remove birds from your property and keep them away:

  1. Our bird control technicians will inspect your property to identify the bird species and problem areas.
  2. If necessary, we will employ safe ways to remove and relocate the birds from your property.
  3. We will implement bird exclusion methods to keep birds from roosting or nesting again.
  4. If clean-up services are needed, we employ processes and protocols to ensure your property is free of any bird-related waste.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Protect Your Business from Nuisance Birds

When birds start roosting on your business property or nesting in your facility, it can quickly turn into a liability. Not only can it damage your reputation, but it may also pose a threat to your customers and guests. In San Angelo, we’re your commercial bird control experts. Don’t wait until the damage has been done, let our expert team implement effective bird exclusion tactics to keep your business safe and secure. 

Bug Express has performed bird removal for businesses in San Angelo since 2003 – call us today to learn more about our services.

Bug Express Reviews

“Been using these company for several years. They do a great job, come every quarter to spray my place. I don’t see as many scorpions and spiders. Their professional and friendly. Highly recommended.”

-Evangeline R.

Pest Control You Can Trust

At Bug Express, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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