House Mouse


Actual Size: 5 to 8” long including the tail

Characteristics: Light brown to gray to nearly black. Large ears compared to the body.

Habitat: Often builds nests outdoors near trees or stumps. May also infest areas of the home such as basements, wall voids, and porches.


  • Rapidly reproduces—in 8 months, 24 mice can multiply to 2000 mice.
  • Known for transmitting pathogens that cause diseases such as salmonella.
  • Can make as many as 200 visits to a food source in one night.

House Mice in San Angelo

House mice are common all over the United States and are a major pest in many cities. These mice are commensal, which means they live near humans and rely on them for shelter and food. House mice are active throughout the year and can be found in homes, businesses, fields, and farms. They make food for people and pets dirty as they search for it, leaving behind feces and urine. House mice also damage buildings by gnawing through walls and they spread diseases like salmonella, which can make people sick from contaminated food.

House Mouse Habitat

Outside, house mice make nests in fields and under trees and bushes. Inside, they build nests in quiet spots like walls, cabinets, attics, and garages. You can tell where mice are by looking for their droppings, new chew marks, or tracks. They make nests from paper and other materials, often in hidden places. Mice have a strong smell that shows they are around. They usually come out at night, but you might see them during the day sometimes.

House Mouse Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

House mice eat a variety of foods, but they really like grains and cereals. They make food dirty and can spread diseases like salmonella and bubonic plague. House mice also damage buildings by chewing and making tunnels in walls. They have even been involved in starting fires and explosions in homes. When they chew on wires in walls, it can cause sparks that start fires inside walls.

If you have a house mouse infestation in your San Angelo property, always contact a licensed rodent control company.