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Bug Express Pest Control offers Full Service Capabilities. We provide pest management services for any type of need including insect, rodent, stored product pest, bird, termite, mosquito lawn care, weed control, and other general pest control services. We can also provide cost effective integrated pest management, which consists of a program using current comprehensive information on life cycles of pests and their interactions with the environment. This method combines time tested pest control efforts such as traps, or sprays, with cutting edge pest integration techniques to deliver the least possible hazard to people, their property, and their environment.



There are many species of termites that will work to attack and destroy the wood structures of a home. Prevention of termite attacks, along with killing termites, is vital to avoid damage to your home. Termites live in colonies underground or within a homes structure. The "worker" termite is the one who searches outside the colony for food. It is responsible for consuming wood, creating "galleries", and feeding the colony.

Signs of termites include mud tubes on foundations walls, swarms, and infested wood.The King and Queen are the reproducing termites in a colony. Production of eggs is their only function. Eggs are small and transparent. These are groomed and tended to by the workers. Larva hatches and is the same size as the eggs. The worker is the one who leaves the nest, going to the wood supply and bringing back food for the colony. The soldier defends the colony.

This termite has a long, armored head and mandibles, capable of cutting an enemy ant in half! The soldier sounds the alarm to the colony by banging his head on the sides of the tunnels. Nymphs become "warmers" (king and queen) when they reach maturity. They usually leave the colony in the spring and the fall. After their short flight is over, they drop their wings and the male warmer's begin to look for a mate. Very few warmers survive to produce a colony due to the fact that they are exposed as prey to various birds and insects.

Termites start swarming around the first part of March until the end of May. Their actions are dependent upon the weather. Workers feed along the grain of the soft portion of thewood, feeding on cellulose (the main component of the wood) and galleries lined with muddy fecal materials. Large colonies can consume approximately one pound of wood per day. Earth tubes can be found between soil and some wooden structures under the house. This is a sure sign of subterranean termites. These tubes can go up a foundation wall, along plumbing or directly from the soil to the wood.


Support From Global Pest Control Leaders

Bug Express is proud to be a member of the Rentokil family of companies in North America. Rentokil operates across the world, providing leading pest control services to residential and commercial customers. They also strive to be globally responsible and sustainable, and they’re on track to have net zero carbon emissions by 2040. With their support, we are able to offer efficient and effective treatment to properties in the San Angelo TX area. We are confident that our history of leadership in the pest control business will improve and develop through our partnership with Rentokil. Our mission is simple: to use our technical expertise to provide protection and pest-free living.